Keep your cool in the chaos

Life isn't an emergency, y'know?

So here’s something that’s worth remembering:

Life isn’t an emergency.

This is the first thing I tell myself – and others – at the first sniff of a panicked thought or feeling of impending doom or overwhelm.

You’re not in danger. You’re not saving a life (well, maybe your own).

Don’t kid yourself that if you don’t clear your inbox or post something on social media everyday or clean your house so it’s Pinterest-perfect that the world will break. That you will break.

It’s all OK.

With these sort of self-imposed deadlines, the only one holding yourself to ransom here is you, so cut yourself some slack.

And btw, that inbox will probably never be clear, or just temporarily so. Because that’s the thing with life:

  • For every email you answer, another one will ping into your inbox.
  • Some plans will work, some plans will fall apart.
  • You’ll impress some people, while others you’ll thoroughly piss off.

One day you’re feeling sassy af, all #GIRLBOSS #IGOTTHIS vibes, the next day you can barely get out of bed.

Some things you can control, but generally speaking, there are loads of things you can’t. Embrace it.

Come to peace with the fact that chaos is an inevitable part of everyday life. The sooner you surrender to it, the better you’ll be able to handle any unexpected issues that come your way.

Don’t turn the small things into BIG DRAMAS.

Learn to ride out the speed-bumps along the Road of Life.