Forget the follower count

You're worth more than the sum of your socials

This is easier said than done, especially if you’re a blogger or make your money from digital marketing BUT:

You’re worth more than the sum of your follower count.

Besides, with the current social media algorithms, I don’t know about you, but I seem to gain ten followers one day, then lose 15 the next.

It doesn’t matter.

If you do work in the industries above, engagement is actually more important in any case. People can buy followers (yup, that’s totally a thing), and here you are stressing out about it?

Not worth it.

Imagine one day, these social media platforms do a big sweep of spammy accounts and wipe them all out in one hit? IKR?!

I notice that when I’m more active on, say, Instagram, my follower count increases. Same applies on Twitter. Now, that may sound obvious, but don’t you ever wonder why the algorithm works in this way?

So you’ll spend more and more time on those platforms.

To put all this in context, do you think when you die, your follower count will be added to your obituary? Nope.

If building a big audience is important to you and/or your job function, then create good quality content and they will come.

But make sure you’re not relying on approval or acceptance¬†from your followers. That has to come from inside of you, always, no matter whether you have fifty thousand fans or just fifty.

Make sure your number one fan is always, well, YOU.