Welcome to A Peace of Me

Life, eh? It’s all one big balancing act tbh.

* You wanna be a sassy #GIRLBOSS woman-of-the-world, but you also wanna spend QT with your lover(s), loved ones and friends.
* You want to live a more mindful life, but you also want an amazing Instagram grid.
* You don’t want to be online all the time but when you’re not? Hiyas all of the FOMO.

Sometimes life seems like a series of compromises, but can you ever reach the Holy Grail of getting your yin perfectly aligned with your yang?

When everyone wants a piece of you, how do you find the PEACE in you?

A Peace of Me is a wellbeing destination with a difference, focusing on…


With all the available technology in the 21st Century, people are busier and more stressed-out than ever before BUT most of us haven’t got the option of relocating to Outer Mongolia to live a bohemian lifestyle and permanently unplug.

Most of us have smartphones, most of us need email for work, most of us have to-do lists as long as our arm.
Most of us would like to relax more, to be healthier and to live a happier, more authentic lifestyle.

A Peace of Me is a platform exploring the notion of living an integrated life, bridging the gap between spirituality and success — in a way that’s easy to digest and understand, promoting the use of technology but in a much more ~mindful~ manner.

After experiencing burnout in 2013, and somewhat of a relapse in 2016, it occurred to me I spent my time full-on, non-stop busy, until I either took a holiday (rare) or fell ill (more likely), when I would slow down, relax and recharge.

I gradually realised I was spending my life switching manically from these two modes of living. I also found that I was happier (and healthier) living in the latter even though I spent most of my time in the former.

How could I get me some of that peaceful state of mind, all day, errr’y day, while still maintaining a successful career (‘cos gurl got bills to pay) and pursuing my goals?

How can I be social yet spiritual, too?

If all this is tl;dr, the simple answer is this: it all lies within you.

The way in which you react to stress and allow external sources to govern you • The things you spend your time doing • The boundaries you put in place • Your definition of success • How in tune with your body you are • The value you place on your job title. ‘Cos guys, these choices are all yours to make!

Fear not, because I’m on this journey too. I’m learning as I go along (we are all works in progress, after all), but want to share the insights I gain along the way – not only for you, but to act as a reminder for me, should I feel burnout beckoning again. That’s what A Peace of Me is alllll about.

So. On a Peace of me, you’ll find:

Peace of Advice
Little snippets of wisdom and observations I’ve picked up on my (ongoing) journey of self-healing and discovery. Simple ‘peaces’ of advice to help you keep your inner peace and go with the flow, while living in an always-on world. Some of these things will sound eye-rollingly obvious but are a chance to check-in with yourself: are you really taking care of the simple things that’ll make you happy?

Longer reads exploring related topics in a more in-depth manner. Personal opinions and experiences plus relevant news or trending topics. Settle down with a cup of herbal tea and enjoy!

An ever-evolving list of the little things I can do to make me feel better, always. Achievable self-care. Ways of making sure your ‘wellness well’ doesn’t ever run dry. Share yours on social media using the hashtag!

Peace Keepers
Interviews with inspirational people or experts who are making a conscious effort to get the balance right in order to live their best life. These guys may have overcome adversity, made a substantial life switch or just ooze positivity from every pore. Here, they share their stories and learnings with us.

Find the peace in you, piece by piece.