Try a juice a day

Why juicing's my new jam

The only thing I bought in the January sales was a Phillips juicer (this guy) reduced to £50 in Sainsbury’s because that’s who I am now HI.

But seriously, this gadget has changed my life (no, YOU’RE dramatic) and I now start every day with a juice.

Now, nutritionists and nay-sayers can throw as much shade as they want with regards to sugar content and/or pulp removal blah blah blah… but the way I see it is this: surely it’s better for me to consume veg ‘n’ fruit on the daily, all be it in juice form, rather than none at all (which is where I was at previously, bar having cucumber slices in my G&T)?

As with everything in life, it’s all about moderation, and I must be clear I’m not talking about juice cleansing/fasting here; rather, I’m trying to stop mindlessly reaching for a cup of coffee and reach for something healthier instead.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have my daily coffee (which I truly savour), but previously, I’d have a cup of tea in the morning without fail, somewhere between opening my eyes, scrolling mindlessly through social media and stumbling into the loo for an urgent pee. My point being, I did all these things on auto-pilot, likewise my caffeine consumption, and my insides were starting to pay the price (hiyas IBS you sexy bastard, you).

I just feel healthier after knocking back a freshly made juice, don’t you? And my bank balance is certainly healthier because lol, at one point I was paying £2.50 a pop for my take-out coffee (er, X 3 a day) plus a £3 green juice on top!

So yeah. Juice is my new jam. Below are a few of my favourite combos so far. I haven’t added quantities because I don’t stress about that too much; I just chuck in what I have to hand or adjust to taste.

Juice combo ideas…

This is a good one to ease into the world of juicing, and has a nice sweet taste:
Green or red apples
Piece of ginger


A fresh yet sweet green juice
Fresh mint leaves
Green apples


This is a proper green juice, full of nutrients (and boy, can you taste it!)
Fennel bulb
Piece of ginger

Note to anyone as idiotic as me: these fruits are the ‘un-juiceables’:


{Basically, any fruit which contains starch needs to go in a blender}