January is named after the Roman god Janus, represented by two faces looking in opposite directions: one looking back towards the past, and and one forwards to the coming year.

Every year, I conveniently forget how blaaady cold it is in January, yet equally how beautiful the morning frost can be. It’s this time of year that a vest (#SEXUAL) becomes my BFF and I won’t leave the house without wearing one.

It’s also the only time of year my penchant for ankle-baring becomes problematic and so I find myself wearing a statment sock with my sawn-off denim and the like.

The trees are now bare, gardens barren and many animials are tucked away, hibernating. But that’s not to say there isn’t a helluva lot of activity going on behind-the-scenes.

January vibes…

• Recharging • Resetting • Reviewing • Planning • Thinking ahead • Dreaming • Wrapping up warm and going for wintry walks • Steaming cups of coffee • Clearing out your wardrobe • Building fires • Finding frosted leaf skeletons • Hat-wearing • Spotting snowdrops • Cooking hearty meals like chunky vegetable soup, chickpea stew + casseroles •

So what’s in season?

• Leeks • Carrots • Cabbage • Cauliflower • Swede • Kale • Beetroot • Blood oranges •
• Holly • Ivy • Pussy willow • Snow drops • Hyacinths • Hellebores • Gorse • 

Dates for the diary…

Burns Night