7 ways to celebrate Summer Solstice

(without streaking at Stonehenge)

The Summer Solstice is an ancient celebration of the longest day (and shortest night) of the year in the northern hemisphere; a grand celebration of the land warmed by the sun, the fruit ripening and the bounty to come. Of manifestation. Of the astrological alignment signalling the start of the summer season.

Here are 7 simple ways to celebrate Summer Solstice 2017 (on Wednesday 21st June in the Northern Hemisphere):

Rise with the Sun

Or at least get up earlier than usual. A nice way of doing this is to sleep with the curtains open, or a tiny bit ajar, so you wake up naturally with the daylight.

Make the most of the longest day. Go for an early morning coffee, or get off your bus/train a stop or two earlier and walk into work in the morning sunshine.

Sun shout-out, yogi style

If you’re a yogi and into your home practise, today, build heat in your body with a few rounds of Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskara). If you can unroll your mat outside, even better!

Time to get lit

Taking your cue from nature, Winter is about resting, Spring is about planning/sowing those seeds of possibilities and so Summer is all about turning up the heat and firing into action.

Even if you feel your year so far has been a bit ‘meh’ – don’t fret, pet! Everything is exactly as it should be and NOW is the time to set your intentions for the rest of the year.

Start a gratitude diary

People often begin gratitude journals and the like at the start of the year, but I find I’m much more “alive” come the summer months.

By starting something like this when I’m in high spirits (and feel like I have plenty to be thankful for – maybe because I’m outside and seeing family/friends more?), it’s easier to continue through the harsher Winter months as it’s already become an ingrained habit.

Controversially (for this website, anyway), I use technology to record my gratitude: I’m using the @peaceof.me Instagram account to record the things I’m grateful for. This account has zero ‘theme’ (lol, and zero followers) and no filters; I want it to be a reflection of real actual life.

Similarly, you could also tweet #3goodthings – whatever floats your boat and gets you into the habit of appreciating the small things. How abundant you already are.

Stop and smell the roses

Like, literally; June is allll about the roses. 🌹

Or buy yourself a bunch of peonies (or other bouquet of fresh flowers) and watch in amazement as they burst from tiny little buds into blooms the size of your head, all thanks to the sun giving them that energy.

Take inspiration to make your own plans and ideas blossom – no matter how small or insignificant they seem.

Eat al fresco

Or as near as, even if it’s more like popping into your local Cafe Rouge and sitting by the French doors opening out onto the (v busy) high street.

Feel the sun on your face while you sip an Elderflower cocktail. And a wasp keeps pestering you. And your hair gets blown into your face every time you try and take a mouthful of food. THIS IS THE BRITISH SUMMER, EMBRACE IT.

Throw a Solstice soiree

If pagan rituals at Stonehenge ain’t your thang, Summer Solstice is the perfect excuse to gather a few of your faves around your place for a summery supper.

Throw a crinkled white tablecloth over your table, adorn with as many fresh flowers and church candles as you can find/afford, serve up summery salads and other delicious veggie fare, and celebrate the start of summer.