The eternal scroll is a form of self-sabotage

Remember that time spent scrolling on Instagram is time you could have invested elsewhere. Time you could have spent bettering you, instead of looking on from afar as others better themselves.

You can’t stay in your own lane if your eyes are averted.

Focus on your own wants, needs, desires, instead of those around you. Don’t blindly follow the path of someone else. Make sure your ambitions are your own.
Keep your eyes on the road and enjoy the journey.
Do instead of view.

Don’t experience life through the lens of a stranger. Go out there and see it for yourself.

Breathe. Laugh. Love. Live.

Don’t be a follower. Instead, follow your heart and see where it leads.
Don’t rob yourself of daily joy, just to garner likes. Or worse still, by posting what you think others will like.

If you’re scornful of those who upload Stories all day, remember, you’re the one watching them from afar. When does engagement become voyeurism?

If you’re jealous of someone on Instagram, use it as mirror to highlight your deepest desires. Then go out and achieve them – your way, not theirs. They’re not your competition, you are.

But remember, just because you’ve been inspired by someone’s success on Instagram today, doesn’t mean you can achieve it tomorrow. They haven’t posted the years of hard graft, just the highlights.

You’re not meant to achieve everything you see in your feed. It’s impossible. Make sure you’re motivated by your own needs, not how it’ll be received online.

Validation comes from real life human interaction, not likes on a screen. So reconnect to your own reality. It’s not about making others envious, but how you can be of service to others. What legacy will you leave when you’re gone?

Don’t become addicted to social media. Instead, become addicted to really feeling your feelings. To cultivating real, unadulterated happiness. To caring less about appearing to be perfect. To being wholly, authentically you.