Lessons to learn in 2019

Note to self

Learn to not be so hard on yourself. All the damn time. To treat yourself the way a good friend would.

Learn to expect joy, and practise an attitude of gratitude, daily.

Learn to feel your feelings without judgement, instead of running way from them or trying to shut them down.

Learn to notice your different moods but don’t try and label them or justify them.

Learn that not everyone will like you or understand you and that’s OK. Remember, you can’t control that, so don’t waste your energy in vain.

Learn to lean into your fears. Look them straight in the eye. You’ll overcome them quicker that way.

Learn that time is more precious than money. So spend it well.

Learn to enjoy the process and not be so concerned about the final destination. You can’t have a happy ending to an unhappy journey.

Learn to be right who you are in this moment. Unapologetically, authentically you. Not an imaginary version who only exists in the future.

Learn to be who you are now, right now.

Learn that you are enough.