When everyone wants a piece of you

How do you find the peace in you?

Hello, hi and welcome to A Peace of Me.

I’ve written a snappy about page here, but I wanted to give myself the indulgence of explaining what this site is all about, what I’m trying to achieve, in a bit more detail.

After more than a decade in the fashion industry, I suffered a massive burnout in 2013. I had to radically review the way I was managing my life – from work, diet, relationships and everything in-between.

Throughout the healing process, one thing became clear: I needed to acquire healthier habits, some semblance of a work-life balance and a better coping mechanism towards challenging circumstances.

I knew the change needed to come from within me; I needed to find the peace in me.

 See, there isn’t any job in the world, or daily routine, that doesn’t come with a certain amount of stress.

The question isn’t whether stress exists in your daily life or whether you’re exposed to it (basically, it does and you will). It’s more about learning how to live a balanced life. Learning how to recognise and handle those feelings of stress and anxiety.

Recognising, in good time, when your mind is on the verge of melt-down and your body is crying out for a break.

Making life choices that, in general, nourish your body and soul, allowing you to lead an authentic and fulfilling life.

While the theme of the site is about finding balance, that doesn’t necessarily mean achieving an even split of 50:50. Nah. It’s about finding the balance that makes YOU happy.

For some, this could lean more to the work side of things, especially if you’re making a living doing something you’re passionate about. We should be working to live, not living to work, after all.

Or, if like me, your nervous system is a little more fragile, you’ll slide down the scale towards the simpler way of living. Could be a temporary measure, or forever-more.

The most important thing is that you do what’s right for you. That you listen to your body. And walk away from the things that no longer serve you.

That’s how you find the peace in you. It’s how I found the peace in me.

I’m aiming to post the little pieces (PEACES, geddit?) of wisdom, advice and ways of thinking that have helped me reset and get my mind to a better place.

However, this isn’t about being holier than thou and preachy; I’m looking for a way of living that acknowledges the fact we live in the 21st Century, an ‘always on’ world where technology can help you as much as hinder you.

So the posts will (hopefully) be punchy and to-the-point, but always with a meaningful take-away (mmm, pizza…) that you can apply to your every day life.

In the pipeline are interviews with some seriously inspiring, successful people who have managed to battle their own demons and are living life as  authentically as possible. I want me a piece (PEACE, DO YOU SEE?!) of them, so I’m hoping they can share some of their learnings – and continuing lessons – with us all.

This site is a work in progress, and is a personal blog, in the sense that these are things that are helping me. Take from it what you will, and feel free to share your own advice! I’m not a doctor, nor an expert, but sometimes the only person who can help find your inner peace is YOU.

Photos of me: Amber-Rose Photography