10 things I know about… crystals

I’ve always been interested in crystals. I remember being fascinated with a set of tumbled gem stones I had as a kid; I loved the smooth cold surfaces and would look at the amazing natural colours in awe. I particularly remember the Tiger’s Eye being my favourite. Yet somewhere along the line I hid away my crystal fascination. Crystals weren’t cool, and most people thought you were a bit wack-o if you were into them. But a psychic reading in 2016 brought crystals back into my life in a big way, and I’ve been building my collection ever since. Earlier this year, I completed my Crystal Healing Level 1 with Phillip Permutt. Here’s some of the things I know about crystals…


ONE // I like to buy crystals IRL. I never pass a crystal shop without going inside and seeing what calls to me. The most powerful crystals in my collection were acquired in this way, from places like: a fossil shop in Broadstairs; a spiritual centre next to a fried chicken shop in E17; a quaint little place I went past while doing a booze-run in town while at the Isle of Wight festival. Go inside, breathe in the incense and see what takes your fancy.

TWO // I let the crystal ‘choose’ me. Once inside the shop, I explore. If I feel compelled to pick up a certain crystal, I’ll do so. I’ll see if I like the weight of it, the way it feels in my hand (using my non-dominant hand for extra sensitivity) and if the energy feels ‘good’ to me. I even shut my eyes for a few moments to try and tune in, and run my hand over their surfaces (this is the sort of shit you can do in these shops and no one bats an eyelid). Crystals in shops usually have accompanying explainer cards, and if the information resonates with me, I’ll select the stone which speaks to me most.

THREE // Sometimes, the crystal you avoid is exactly the one you need. What do I mean? Well, I often tend to go for ‘pretty’ crystals like rose quartz and amethyst. I actively swerve green or brown crystals like Bloodstone or Epidote but they’re actually both very good healing stones for clearing energy blockages amongst other things, which would actually be v healing for me! (I still don’t own (m)any. So the more discomfort and unease you feel around a crystal, the more you need to discover what it connects to.

FOUR // Of course, you can also buy crystals online. Just make sure they’re from a reputable seller. I usually start with a small purchase and see how I feel about the crystal I receive. I’ve definitely received a fake crystal before! Tell-tale signs include: tiny air bubbles (it’s glass), overly vibrant colour (it’s dyed), texture too perfect (it’s man-made). And, like most things in life, you get what you pay for. If it’s ~ridiculously~ cheap, it’s most likely a dud.

FIVE //  Crystals can come into your life in other ways. My first one was a fluke. I’d been illustrating at a press event and there was a psychic there who did my reading. Returning home, I realised I’d taken the amethyst I held during the session! After contacting her, she insisted I kept it, as I needed it more than she did. She wasn’t wrong: amethyst symbolises a spiritual awakening, which is exactly when I started my healing journey. The crystal life chose me.

SIX // Crystals work through vibrations. Whenever I meet a skeptic, I remind them they probably use crystals every day. Most electronic devices use quartz components for its ability to convert electrical impulses. And LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display <drops mic> But in terms of healing, crystals are alllll about energy. They vibrate at their own frequency, as do the cells in the human body. So when we connect with a crystal, its vibration interacts with ours.

SEVEN // Cleanse your crystals when you bring them home. Why? To remove the energy they’ve picked up in transit. You can do this by running them under water (not all crystals can get wet though so Google first!), ‘smudging’ them in sage smoke or burying them in soil for a couple of days. When it’s a full moon, you can charge or cleanse your crystals by leaving them outside overnight to soak up those lunar rays (or inside on a windowsill if you live in a flat like me!).

EIGHT // Program your crystal with an intention. This is like assigning your crystal a role, and the more specific you are, the better. Sit quietly, cupping the stone in your hands and think about your goal. The stone absorbs your intention and activates it. Whenever you pick up that crystal, use it as a reminder of your intention and take a few minutes to meditate on that (even if it’s just you holding your stone in your hand while you have a cup of tea; it’s directing the thought that counts).

NINE // Use crystals in whatever way works for you. I love having crystals placed directly on my skin for a continued flow of energy, and wear crystal pendants and bracelets for this reason. I often pop a smooth, tumbled piece of rose quartz inside my bra (sure), on the heart-side (warning: it’s easy to lose crystals down the loo this way!). You can also place a crystal under your pillow or on your desk, depending on your intention. More recently I’ve started mediating with them and placing crystals on the chakra points, but you ultimately gotta do you, boo.

TEN // These are the crystals I couldn’t be without. I guess this is my version of a crystal starter pack: clear quartz is a great master crystal. It’s very neutral, very grounding — and you can use it to cleanse your other crystals. Rose quartz is a lovely nourishing stone. Amethyst is a beautiful purple shade and helps you tap into your more spiritual side. Citrine is probably my favourite crystal and really helps with creativity and manifesting. Tourmaline absorbs negative energy — from people as well as computers! — and is like having your own energy shield or bodyguard.