New (Virgo) moon, new you

Simplify and purify

| 🌝 | London | 20th September 2017 | @ 6:29 am GMT |

Virgos get bad press for being control freaks, over-workers and picky-perfectionists but their softer, earthier side is often overlooked.

Lest we forget, Virgo is a goddess! The only woman of the Zodiac and depicted as a corn-carrier, Virgo energy centres on those smaller details that make up the whole, just like grains in a field.

So this week’s Virgo New Moon is a good time to sort the proverbial wheat from the chaff!

How can you calm the chaos?
How do the pieces of your life fit together?
How can you put things right?

Virgo is the ruler of the sixth house aka daily routine and lifestyle, including work and service to others. So take a look at your present situation and sieve through the sh*t to find meaning and create order.

Focus not on the bigger picture, but look after the finer detail instead. The Universe has basically got your back so surrender fully to the process.

The earthy Virgo vibes of this New Moon bring us back to nature; the need to connect with Mother Earth. It’s a good time (especially following indulgent Leo season – no YOU drank all the Aperol spritzes this summer…) to review all things diet-related; where your food comes from, what you’re eating and making healthier choices.

Put simply, it’s about PURIFICATION.

This New Moon is EXTRA because not only are the Sun and Moon in the sign of Virgo, three other planets — Mercury, Venus and Mars – are also in da ‘hood. If this New Moon was a film, it’d be called: Virgo with a Vengeance.

With this sign being all about efficiency, practicality and generally getting sh*t done, you’ll feel fully motivated to manifest in a v methodical manner!

Here are a few ways to make the most of the Virgo vibes this new moon…

get into the habit

In addition to daily routine, Virgo also governs the stomach and digestive system, so this is the perf time to get into better, healthier habits, like:

• Drinking warm water with a slice of lemon first thing • Upping your daily water intake in general [use an app like Waterlogged to keep track] • Don’t skip breakfast • Cutting out refined sugar • Eat according to what’s in season • Chew more slowly! • Drinking green juice daily • Don’t drink fluids with your meals • Curbing your coffee cravings • Eat when calm •

go with your gut

Following on from the above, make an effort to tune into your intuition more. No one knows you better than you, after all. This Virgo new moon and planetary action is a great time to go with your gut instinct.

just (to-)do it

Virgo loves a list and planning the bejesus out of everything, so follow her example. If you’ve been meaning to start a bullet journal, do it now, or treat yourself to a shiny new notebook and get organised. Use the New Moon to set your goals for the rest of the year.

clean your crib

A deep clean of your house ain’t just for spring; this is the perfect time for purging, from your kitchen cupboard through to your wardrobe. Sift through all the unnecessary or expired and keep only that which delights. Let go, release and make room for a fresh start This may also apply to relationships…

be kind

Virgo loves to help, so do likewise and offer up your assistance, whether that’s supporting a friend’s new business venture, helping an old lady cross the road or volunteering in a charity shop. Tune into your inner Mother figure and nurture others accordingly.



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