Full Moon in Cancer

Tap into your true feelings this Thursday

The first Full Moon of 2017 takes place this Thursday. Being in the sign of Cancer, the crab, the main theme is alllll about coming out of your shell.

Cancer is quite the emosh, sensitive sign, but there’s a tense planetary tussle taking place rn ‘tween mighty Jupiter, possessive Pluto, radical Uranus and ze moon itself. This 4-way showdown could translate into issues around family, space, security and privacy – particularly in your home or ‘hood.

Thanks to power planet Pluto, you might feel like running away and saying ‘eff you (shout out to rebel Uranus) in a sticky situation, even though Jupiter in Libra actually encourages you to use team-work to make the dream work.

It’s about finding the right balance, and it could be that things get worse before they get better (like ripping off a plaster). Sorryboutit.

While some rifts will arise, some matters may also be settled, thanks to Cancer’s feminine, maternal side which wants to ‘mother’ everyone, n’awww.

Remember: Go with your heart, not your head. Let love show you the way!

All in all, it’s a fairly moody moon-scape: no wonder the Native Americans call it the Full Wolf Moon, named after the wolves howling hungrily at the year’s first full moon in the depths of the dark, cold winter.

This is a good time to have a think about what means the most to you in terms of your inner sanctum and wellbeing. What are the things that make you feel safe and secure? How can you face your biggest fears?

But on a more positive note, 2017 is a new ‘1’ year [2016 was a ‘9’ year and therefore the end of a cycle] and we can use all this celestial¬†energy to move forward in an exciting new direction.

You might just find you make a stand and find ‘your voice’ in a way like never before.

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