The Sun in Cancer

22nd June - 23rd July

  • Element: Water 🌊 (sensitive, psychic, artistic and totes emosh).
  • Quality: Cardinal (ambitious and entrepreneurial; but p’raps a little pushy…)
  • Ruler: Moon 🌝
  • Gender: Feminine
  • Stone: Pearl
  • Colours: Ice blue, silver, white, crystal.

So, the sun soars into Cancer on the 21st June, around the Summer Solstice, when it reaches its furthest distance from the equator and making for the shortest day in the Southern Hemisphere and the longest day in the North.

These two extremes give you the general Cancerian vibe: shy and sensitive, yet confident and ambitious. That’s why the symbol for Cancer is the crab: hard on the outside and soft on the inside, yaaa? There’s also the aspect of retreating back into the shell when threatened, like a crab, which Cancerians tend to do, rather than dealing with sh*t straight on.

The sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon, and so their emotions go through phases, just like le luna. The challenge is to think with their head, not their heart (#FACTSNOTFEELS).

Cancerians can therefore have a bit of a rep for being mood-swingy, and are in constant fear of being hurt.

Though once you’ve penetrated their shell (so to speak) they’ll have your back for life (unless you piss them off, obviously).


Emotional security means errr’ythang to them, which is why creating a sanctuary at home is important.

Expect a crab’s crib to be full of cushions and other cute ‘n’ cosy accessories, just like a Pinterest wet dream (although they do have a tendency to collect/hoard trinkets in a sentimental sorta way).

Kinda like a hermit crab, Cancerians need to feel at home wherever they go.

Having regular ‘alone time’ to recharge is crucial for these watery souls.


Family is also important, too. Cancerians are known for nurturing, and they love cooking for friends and generally being the hostess with the mostess.

Maternal figures are a major theme, so relationships with their mum and/or female friends are usually solid AF. It goes without saying that Cancerians make excellent mummas themselves.


A loved-up crab channels all of their emotions onto their partner, which can make for an intense (if not  leeetle bit obsessive…) relationship. If their significant other doesn’t reciprocate, the over-caring Cancerian can kick-off!

Crabs can cling to the past with rose-tinted specs, and arguments can arise if their s/o suggests a major new change, like moving house

On the flip-side, Cancerians make for v caring, romantic partners and, if a relationship hits the rocks, will work hard to make things right.


Physically speaking, Cancer rules the tummy, chest and, er, boobies. Being the sensitive type, feeling butterflies in the stomach is common, as is indigestion, IBS and emotional (over-)eating.

Big changes, family feuds and being away from home can cause these things to flare-up.

Cancerian gals can be prone to PMT and other period probs, as the menstrual cycle is also ruled by the Moon. Cancerians can also be super psychic, and should learn to be guided by their ‘gut-instinct’ more.


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