June’s New Moon is simply Super

Like, officially.

| 🌝 | London | 24th June 2017 | @ 3:30 am

You guys know the drill by now, right? New Moons = new beginnings, and if it takes place in your sign then consider it a cosmic new year (looks pointedly at any Cancerians in da house)!

Not only that but this New Moon happens just days after the Summer Solstice. Not only THAT, but this is a SUPER New Moon, because it will be v v close to the Earth. We had one of these bad boys last month two, making for back-to-back mad moon action.

All this solar and lunar energy makes for a pretty powerful combo, encouraging us all to make changes that matter, and to keep moving in the right direction. It’s a good chance to review where you’re at, now the year is half-way through (WTAF?).

With Cancerian characteristics in mind, focus on creating routines and rock-solid foundations under this new moon’s mood. Spend time with loved ones, nest and chill. Reconnect with the powerful women in your life (Cancer is all about the feminine force). Let your emotions flow. Write down your thoughts.

Set goals around changes relating to your emotional health: your vibe and your tribe. Are there changes that need to happen in your family or where you live?

With Cancer being the mother figure of the zodiac, this is a real opportunity  for a ‘rebirth’ (be that your personal brand, career or home) – however, new beginnings can usually only happen once something else has ended: life Vs death and all that.

What do you need to leave behind in order to be reborn?

Cancer is a sign of extremes (that crabby hard shell but a true softy on the inside), ruled by the Moon but with the Sun now soaring through, things are gonna get emotional (especially being a water sign, so tears may well flow!) so strap in.

It’s time to get friendly with feeling all the feels. Embracing your feminine side. Getting together with the girls. Making a sanctuary of your home. Tuning into your inner voice and trusting it.



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